Introduction to #CWBsmallthings

Today I launched my #CWBsmallthings series for this year on Instagram.

Each month I’ll be posting one of my small things that contribute to maintaining out mental health.

It’s the small stuff

Back in November 2020 (is it really that long ago?!) in my article A plan for feeling better, I wrote about the importance of small things that help us to feel better when we’re struggling, feeling low or a lack of energy.

The same is true for maintaining our mental health day-to-day.  On the whole we do all of this stuff automatically.  Throughout our lives we just learned what gives us a little (or big!) boost, how to counteract situations that are uncomfortable or unpleasant. 

If we can learn to do it more consciously, then we have an increased chance of success.

Food is a great comparison.  We can all eat what we fancy and generally will get the fuel we need to live our lives.  If we do it more consciously e.g. counting our portions of fruit and vegetables, increasing fibre intake, then we have an increased chance of being more healthy.

It’s not all meditation and candles

Often when we talk about self-care or wellbeing, thoughts can instantly jump to the “shoulds” and ideals of how we take care of ourselves.

The truth is, it’s about discovering what is good for you, which may be different from others.  I remember someone once telling me that putting a load of washing on first thing in the morning gets them set up for the day.  I don’t think I’ve seen that on any self-help guides I’ve come across!

#CWBsmallthings series

So please keep an eye on Instagram, and the #CWBsmallthings hashtag, where each month in 2024 (I’m aiming for the 1st Wednesday of every month from February), I’ll be adding the small things I do to maintain my wellbeing and mental health.

Please join in!

I’d love it if you joined in.  If Instagram isn’t your thing, I’ll be sharing them to Facebook and LinkedIn too.

I look forward to seeing your #CWBsmallthings !

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