Counselling support for employees

Mental health and employee wellbeing is a priority now more than ever before. With many teams working remotely, it’s vital that business owners, employers and team leaders ensure their employees have access to the necessary support to allow them to perform effectively.

Counselling West Bridgford offers counselling and coaching support for employees and businesses, allowing them to easily access the right support at a time and in a way that works for them.

Why Counselling West Bridgford?

Our counselling support for employees is affordable, accessible and delivered by Michelle Briggs, who is accredited by the UKCP, the professional body with the highest qualification criteria. You can be reassured that your team are getting the highest level of professional support.

And rather than an anonymous counsellor, which would usually be the case in EAP provision, your staff will know exactly who they will be speaking to, and can find out more about their counsellor before making an appointment.  This makes it easier for potential clients to take the first step to reach out for help.

Read this Türner & Co case study where Michelle works as their in-house counsellor.

In a previous life, Michelle was a Finance Director and has worked in both SMEs and large corporations. Her background allows her to understand the realities and pressures for those working in corporate environments and ensures she offers relevant and effective advice and support.

Counselling support for employees – our approach

At Counselling West Bridgford, we work with many businesses to provide support in a way that works best for them and their employees. We are happy to tailor our approach to allow us to provide our service in a way that works best for you and your teams. Some of the ways we have provided counselling support for employees include:

EAP telephone counselling provision is usually to an anonymous counsellor, that the employee contacts at any time for an unspecified period of time.

We offer an enhanced service, as your in-house counsellor.  Leadership, managers and perhaps staff get to meet Michelle at the beginning of the contract, which removes at least some of the barriers to reaching out for help.  Staff can then book a specific appointment time and know they will be speaking to Michelle for 45 minutes.

They also know Michelle is UKCP-accredited, which means they can be confident she is qualified to the highest level and operates to the highest ethical standards.

They can trust that the conversation is confidential: we won’t be reporting back to their employer; we don’t even share their name.

And once they have had the first appointment, they are more confident to get in touch again at a future date, should they need to.

We’re finding that just one or two appointments tends to be enough. Usually, individuals want to just say out loud what’s going on in their life, or work out what action they can take to feel better, or a mixture of both.

We invoice on a pay-as-you-go basis at the end of each month.  Appointments are anonymous so the invoice shows the number of appointments and the amount charged.

We charge just £40 per appointment for this service.

You may have a valued member of staff who would benefit from extended psychotherapy / counselling and you want to support them by shouldering some or all of the cost.

Employers tend to agree to support a block of sessions – typically between 6 and 12 appointments – then the employee and Michelle agree on dates and times for the appointments to take place. 

We may report any persistent non-attendance although all other aspects of the counselling are confidential, and “progress reports” are not something we would do, rather we would encourage the employee and employer to have their own separate conversation as to how it’s going.

You may wish to provide facilitated sessions for small teams.

As well as being a cost-effect way to provide support to more individuals, it can help the team grow their skills to help and support each other.  Positive outcomes include improved workplace relationships, increased collaboration and a sense of connection leading to improved morale.

It is advised that groups be 3 to 8 individuals, which provides the best opportunity for everyone to be included, and small groups are less daunting for your staff.

Michelle is particularly well-placed to facilitate small groups, given her experience in and knowledge of the workplace, her psychotherapy training, along with extensive experience facilitating groups in both in SME and large corporate settings.

We welcome the opportunity to be included in your staff discount scheme. 

Counselling and psychotherapy provision on the NHS is limited, charities often require specific criteria to accept a client, and private therapy is a significant investment.

Being included in your discount scheme provides valuable marketing for Counselling West Bridgford, allows you to offer mental health support to your staff at minimal to zero cost to you, whilst allowing staff to benefit from a healthy discount.

You may wish to offer some employees the opportunity for one to one coaching.  This suits a range of different individuals e.g. future leaders, new managers, rising stars, close-to-retirements.

It is a fantastic opportunity for significant, personal growth, for those employees who embrace this unique opportunity.

Leveraging Michelle’s business and psychotherapy qualifications and experience, employees have the opportunity to discuss, confidentially, via in-depth personal exploration, what the future holds and begin to shape some next steps.

Although the approaches outlined reflect how we engage with employers at the moment, we are open to other, creative discussions around packages you might wish to make available.

“It’s important to us that our team has great mental health support. Counselling West Bridgford’s telephone service ensures this support is easy to access and Michelle’s high level qualifications and friendly approach reassures us.  CWB’s good value pay-as-you-go contract means we only pay for the service time we use.

Christine Turner, Türner & Co

We’d be delighted to have even a tentative conversation to explore how we might become part of your employee support provision.

If you are interested in this please contact Michelle on 07968 767232, or

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