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One to one appointments

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What to expect in therapy for individuals

Whether it’s in-person, online or telephone, one to one appointments with me give you the space to talk about, reflect on and take action to change your life.

I don’t judge you for your thoughts and feelings, or about how you live your life. I’m endlessly curious about people and what makes us all tick, and that’s the basis of psychotherapy with me.

My approach

My approach is something called the person-centred approach, developed by Carl Rogers. The focus is on our relationship, and where you want to go. I ask questions, curious to understand more, at a pace and intensity that suits you.

Tools for individual appointments

I’ve developed a few tools over the years in relation to trauma, how to have successful relationships and loneliness as well as those I’ve learned in training which I’ll introduce if it feels right.

Past, present, and future

I’ve often heard that psychotherapy / counselling looks backwards in time, dealing with past events. Whilst this is likely to take up a significant portion of our work, it’s not exclusively so. You’re looking for therapy to improve the present and the future, right?  So we include that too.


Our conversations are completely confidential. I’m bound by UKCP’s robust code of ethics that I very much agree with.


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