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  • You can book online *
  • Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive an email confirmation 
  • For video appointments, the confirmation includes the link to Teams
  • * If you would like in-person appointments, and you are new to Counselling West Bridgford, please book in for your free, initial, 10-minute telephone consultation
  • Later on, you’ll receive an email invoice from Stripe (our payment provider) with a link to a payment page as we ask for payment in advance If you are booking a free appointment, this step is missed out
  • Michelle will also email you, asking you to agree to the counselling contract including confidentiality policy (with the exception of 10-minute consultation appointments)
  • 30 minutes before our appointment you’ll get a text reminder
  • Find a comfortable, confidential space where you can take the call You provide the phone number that you want me to ring you on at the time of booking. 
  • At the appointment time, I will call you. 
  • The number will come up “Private”  or “unknown”.  Please answer – it’ll be me!! 
  • If you don’t answer I’ll try again after 5 minutes.
  • 30 minutes before our appointment you’ll get a text reminder
  • Please arrive on time; there isn’t a waiting room if you are early and if you are late we’ll still have to end at the scheduled time

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If you are new to this, counselling may seem strange at first.  For some of you getting stuck in will be easy.  For others it can be tricky to get started.  I’ll usually ask something like “what brings you to counselling?” to get us going and we go from there.  You may have specific goals or want to just see what happens, either is fine. I provide a free, ten minute telephone consultation which can help you decide if counselling or coaching is for you.
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