Rapid Fire Questions

I’ve been listening to Brené Brown’s podcast series ‘Unlocking Us’.  At the end of each interview she asks 10 ‘Rapid Fire’ Questions.

I thought I’d recreate them for you and have a go myself! 

We’d love to hear from you with your answers!

We’ve created this quiz for you to complete and submit to us.

Prefer a download of the questions?
See the end of this post.

My answers to the rapid fire questions:

  1. Fill in the blank:  Vulnerability is Difficult
  2. You’re called to do something brave, but your fear is real and stuck in your throat.  What’s the first thing you do? Freeze!  Breathe, then notice my feet on the ground
  3. What is something that people often get wrong about you?  That I’m ambitious, competitive
  4. What’s the last show that you binged and loved? Normal People; the constant mis-communication and silence rather than conversation and understanding
  5. Give us a film you really love?  The film I’ve seen the most is Dirty Dancing, a coming of age film where the un-cool girl breaks the rules AND gets the coolest guy.  I was 15 when it came into the cinema so it was formative!
  6. Give us a concert you’ll never forget?  BBC Symphony Orchestra in Edinburgh; I re-discovered how much I love classical music when I didn’t realise I’d forgotten
  7. What’s your favourite meal?  At home: jacket potato with beans and cheese followed by Lindt milk chocolate; out: any Italian food
  8. What’s on your nightstand right now?  Books: Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor and A Way of Being by Carl Rogers; see picture for everything else!
  9. Give us a snapshot of an ordinary moment I your life that brings you great joy?  Walking along the Green Line, the sights sounds and smells of nature
  10. What is the one thing you’re deeply grateful for right now?  Mike, Caroline and Jenni keeping the connection during lockdown

I’ve also transcribed them into a document that you can download:

email me, michelle@counsellingwestbridgford.co.uk with your answers to these questions. I’d love to read them!


side table with books, a lamp, a cup and a telephone