Can I have just a single session of counselling or coaching?

Counselling and coaching is often thought of as a process over weeks or even months of regular appointments with your therapist. But is a single session ok?

Don’t get me wrong, to really understand ourselves at greater depth, regular psychotherapy is incredibly powerful and affective.

Unbiased, non-judgmental, confidential discussion

Having said that, sometimes we may have a particular issue or decision that we need to make.   In that case, an hour of non-judgmental, unbiased discussion with an expert listener (and for business coaching, a business and leadership expert) may be all that is needed.

You may just be struggling and want to have an hour to talk to someone who you can be truly honest, truly yourself and know there will be no repercussions for you expressing how you feel and talking about what’s happening in your life.

Windy Dryden

What a wonderful name. Windy is a world-renowned professor and practitioner of psychotherapy. He is a leading researcher, and exponent of single session (or “one at a time”) counselling.

I thought I’d share with you his presentation. It is a 14-minute introduction to what single session therapy is and when it may or may not be a good idea:

So feel free to visit once, or once in a while.

You can book a full, 60-minute hour of single-session counselling or coaching, online here.

I do ask for payment in advance, and once you have booked your slot, we will send you an invoice which we ask you to pay asap so that you can be sure you have a firm booking.

Counselling practicalities

I hope to meet you soon.