Loneliness tool, image showing the dimensions of connection; Title page

My research on loneliness led me to create the “Connection Inventory Workbook”, a practical tool to help you improve your connections, increase your resilience to loneliness and support you to create a more fulfilled life.

Pandemic perspective

I’m sure you, like me, have asked yourself and discussed with others, how we will all be changed as a result of the pandemic, and if life will ever be the same again.

I know for my part, the pandemic is the reason Counselling West Bridgford launched in April 2020. Also, it’s how I came to offer therapy via telephone and video, and why many of my relationships changed completely.

It is also how I came to focus on loneliness.  Fearful of the impact it would have on so many people during this time.  I increased my own knowledge, and even carried out research to understand more.

It’s how I came to create the “Connection Inventory Workbook”. This is a practical tool to reflect on dimensions (aspects or types) of loneliness, how they apply to you, and actions that can be taken.

You can do it alone, although I recommend working through it with others.  You’ll find out more about each other and the activity alone will help deepen those connections.

Dimensions of Connection

Loneliness and connection have a number of aspects, described as 4 “Dimensions”: feeling part of something bigger than ourselves, groups of friends, our intimate partner or best friend, and our connection to self:
Four Dimensions of Connection

By reflecting on each dimension, what we need, what have lost or gained, and what may potentially be available to us, we can take action to reduce loneliness.

Workbook outline and download

It includes Dimension of Connection definitions, detailed instructions, questions for reflection and the workbook itself, a place for you to document your thoughts and intended actions.  You can download a copy:

The Word version is for those of you that would like a version to type your answers into, giving you a digital copy to keep:

Exploring with others

It could be something you complete on your own, with someone you are close to, or in counselling.  If you would like to book an appointment to discuss, go to https://www.counsellingwestbridgford.co.uk/booking-page/ to book online.

When to leave it, for now

If you are feeling particularly vulnerable, it might be better to leave it for now, and return when you are feeling better.

If you are worried about your mental health, wellbeing, or ability to cope, here are some useful links:


I hope you find the workbook useful, and I would love to hear your comments.