Two Years Old Today!

Time to say Happy Birthday Counselling West Bridgford – we’re 2 years’ old today.

Let’s hope we’re not heading for the Terrible Two’s….! 

How time flies.  2 years ago, as the pandemic was taking its grip, I launched Counselling West Bridgford as a telephone counselling service.

Today I am delighted to offer video and in-person appointments too, although the telephone remains popular.

In those 2 years I’ve seen 125 clients, for a total of 1133 paid appointments, with a ratio of 2.2:1 for women:men.

Ongoing clients now average 20.7, median 16 (last year was average 11.0, median 7) and across all clients the average is now 9.1, median 6 (last year 6.1, median 7). 

For some reason, Tuesday is the most popular day to make an online booking, Wednesday for an email enquiry, and Thursday for those enquiring by telephone.

On the face of it, the number of enquiries/conversions hasn’t increased, but that misses the underlying issue that I ran out of capacity in the autumn, so had to turn clients away and turned off the online booking system.

The news ‘off the press’ so to speak is that in exactly 2 months’ time, I’ll be focussing on Counselling West Bridgford full time, so my capacity is increasing.  I’m also hoping to bring someone else on board… watch this space.

I look forward to seeing what the next 12 months brings!  

Happy Birthday Counselling West Bridgford!