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Here at Counselling West Bridgford, our mission is to increase knowledge, encourage conversations, and call on everyone to play our part in ending the global pandemic that is loneliness

The Connection Inventory

The connection inventory survey uses the well-established Loneliness Scale which was designed by academics at UCLA.

Whilst we tend to connect loneliness with feelings of sadness and emptiness, it can manifest in myriad ways including anger, excessive alcohol consumption, anxiety, to name just 3.  Therefore, the Connection Inventory is an excellent way of identifying and naming those unwanted feelings.

Also, loneliness and connection have a number of aspects, described as 4 “Dimensions”: feeling part of something bigger than ourselves, groups of friends, our intimate partner or best friend, and our connection to self.  The Connection Inventory questions explore each of these dimensions, and are an excellent tool to understand the source of how we are feeling, allowing us to take targeted action.

And although our research is closed, you can still take the survey, get your score, and access questions for reflection based on your score:



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Video Shorts

Survey Results: Know Me Well

Survey Results: 18 to 34 year-olds

A Male Perspective

Call to Action

Small changes, big impact

Although people of any age can feel disconnected, the age group most affected are young adults

Instead of
“You don’t know you’re born” 

perhaps try saying
“I believe in you.”

Can you or someone you know offer a young person a week’s paid work experience?

Campaign for Connection

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