woman standing before open door with hands over stomach preparing for a breathing exercise

Breathing Exercise for the Day to Day

When I first started counselling, I had feedback from a couple of clients that they would like me to guide them through a breathing exercise.  I had a look on line, thinking I could signpost them to some useful resources.

Whilst there are great videos and guides out there, I noticed they all seemed to be about finding a quiet space, sitting or lying down as they guide us through.

Need a moment?

It occurred to me that most of us struggle to find that space when we are really “needing a moment” or “grounding”.

Lots of people have kids running around causing chaos, are in a stressful meeting, at our desks at work, in the middle of an argument and so on.

I also like to focus on my breathing when I’m outside taking a walk down the Green Line in particular.  I may be walking or standing still, noticing the trees and plants as I do this exercise.

To fill the gap, I’ve prepared a video, it’s just 6 minutes long, to guide you through.

3 things as you prepare:

  1. Turn the corners of your mouth upwards*
  2. Notice your feet on the floor; you may also want to put your hands on your stomach
  3. Focus on breathing OUT as well as in; anxiety is caused by an imbalance between breathing in and out, and usually we aren’t emptying our lungs before we try taking another breath
Play Video about woman standing before open door with hands over stomach preparing for a breathing exercise

Practice Makes Perfect

OK so like most things, it helps if we practice from time to time.

You know that feeling when you’re  overwhelmed, when your brain won’t work and you can’t work out to do?

If you’ve practiced the breathing exercise lots when you’re feeling ok, when you begin to feel your heart-rate increasing or a little out of breath, there’s a good chance you’ll remember what to do.

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