A measure of connection

The survey below is based on a university-designed questionnaire.  As well as contributing to our research, it also provides a “loneliness score”, based on how you experience your personal connections.  Your “Connection Inventory”

Please know that the score or “points” are a signpost for further reflection, not a diagnosis or judgment.

Select “Done” once you’ve finished, and your “points” (and a %) will be displayed. Match it against the boxes further down the page, and you’ll find some thoughts and ideas for reflection.

The final questions allows you to choose for your result to be included, anonymously, in our research to understand how the population is feeling.

A note on loneliness

Loneliness is subjective, and it can be defined as “the gap between the connection you need and the connection you experience”.  You may not identify the gap as “loneliness” and really the label doesn’t matter, it’s the feelings of discomfort that we care about. You may feel anger or frustration rather than sadness or emptiness.

That discomfort can be compared to hunger or thirst*.  It’s a signal to pay attention and close the gap.  We do this through self-compassion and by improving our connections with others.  The sooner we can attend to early signs, the easier it is to deal with.

And fostering our connections with others, especially small acts of kindness, will help us all.

Understanding your results


The questions were originally written by Professor Daniel W. Russell in his 1996 research.

John Caciopo was a leader in the field of research *this phrase was borrowed from his work

Your anonymity

Your responses are submitted anonymously to Survey Monkey and there is no way to trace it back to you.

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