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About Counselling West Bridgford

Therapy Room with sofa, 2 chairs, forest wallpaper and a lamp. This is the office of Counselling West Bridgford

Counselling West Bridgford (CWB) provides counselling and coaching to individuals and groups, in a warm comfortable space, and via video and telephone.

The team is committed to creating and operating a practice that honours Clients, Therapists, the Environment and Commercial Thinking:

Clients: A location where they feel safe, comfortable and warm; they are reassured that their therapist or coach is at the top of the profession.

Therapists: Somewhere they can work, feel valued with a sense of belonging and ownership; the opportunity to earn a reasonable income in an authentic, supportive, diverse, flexible practice.

Environment: Nature is proven to be beneficial for psychological and physical health and can be incorporated into counselling practice.

Commercial Thinking: Providing innovative services and exceptional value; an ambitious sense of corporate social responsibility.

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