Grasmere lake reflection of hills and trees in the lake; this image selected for couples therapy

I am very excited and privileged to announce I’m now training for couples therapy with The Couples Institute in the USA.

I have been working with couples since 2020, and feel that now is the time to underpin that work with some focused couples study with leaders in the field.

Exciting opportunity

This presents you with the opportunity to have our work supervised in training by Dr Ellyn Bader.  Ellyn is one of the early founders of “couples therapy” and co-founder of The Couples Institute.  She is also author of In Quest of The Mythical Mate and Co-creator of the Development Model.

Dr Bader describes this approach to couples therapy as “A process that allows the partners to be themselves, to be who they are, to develop their own self-awareness, their own capacities to internally self-reflect”.

How I can help

Are you and your partner struggling to communicate? Do you feel unhappy in your relationship? Do find yourselves arguing or responding in passive-aggressive ways? Does your relationship feel stuck? Are you keen to develop a healthy relationship and would like some coaching to achieve that? Would you like to learn to support each other’s personal growth?

Appointment availability

I do also have some limited availability to take on new couple clients seeking weekly couples therapy.

How will it work?

I expect our work to begin with a 90 minute goal setting / orientation appointment, followed by weekly 60-minute therapy sessions.


All appointments, including the initial 90 minutes will cost £60 for daytime and £80 for evening appointments (5pm onwards).

I do ask for additional consent to audio record our sessions, although this is optional and we will discuss in our initial session.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like to find out more and to see if I can help, you can book an initial telephone consultation here.  You can also email or call me on 07968767232.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Grasmere lake reflection of hills and trees in the lake; this image selected for couples therapy