Two women on YouTube discussing Anxiety

Jade and I got together to discuss anxiety.  Or as Jade described at one point “Something Not Quite Right”.

We talk about what it is, the symptoms, what can be done about it, and how therapy can help.

From panic attacks, to a churning stomach, anger / irritation, skin rash, loss of appetite migraine or chest pain, there are so many symptoms of anxiety.

Understanding its root cause can really improve feelings of anxiety.  This can be done through support groups, or therapy.

By watching the video, you will learn a little bit more about it for yourself and perhaps for others in your life.

Anxiety is perhaps not well-understood, and can have a stigma associated with it; “not coping” is unacceptable.  It can also be that someone may say they feel anxious, but at best the response they get is “there’s nothing to worry about” and often support or help won’t be offered.

Jade and I compared it to physical health: if someone has a broken leg, we wouldn’t say “just walk on it, you’ll be fine!”

I suspect though, because we are only beginning to talk about mental health, it’s harder to understand and know what to say or do.

By watching information videos like ours, talking to others, reading personal experiences can help us all understand a little bit more about what anxiety is.

At the end of the day, anxiety is fear, but we often try to fight it, to push it away, feeling angry with ourselves.  But if someone is scared, will shouting at them help?  I recommend trying to understand the underlying fear: it probably has its roots in something from long ago.  It may not even make logical sense that you are still struggling, or you may have no clue why you feel that way.  This is where counselling / therapy can help get to the bottom of what’s going on.

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