Psychotherapist Opportunities: Join the Team

Are you a psychotherapist looking for self-employed opportunities? Interested in being an active part of a growing psychotherapy and coaching business?

Then I might just have what you’re looking for.  I’m seeking UKCP– or BACP-Accredited psychotherapists to join the team as Associates.

Read on to discover the Vision at Counselling West Bridgford, what’s on offer, expectations of you, our Philosophy, how it works, pricing and the process if you’re interested in finding out more.

The Vision

Counselling West Bridgford (CWB) provides counselling and coaching to individuals and groups, in a warm comfortable space, and via video and telephone.

The team is committed to creating and operating a practice that honours Clients, Therapists, the Environment and Commercial Thinking:

Clients: A location where they feel safe, comfortable and warm; they are reassured that their therapist or coach is at the top of the profession.

Therapists: Somewhere they can work, feel valued with a sense of belonging and ownership; the opportunity to earn a reasonable income in an authentic, supportive, diverse, flexible practice.

Environment: Nature is proven to be beneficial for psychological and physical health and can be incorporated into counselling practice.

Commercial Thinking: Providing innovative services and exceptional value; a sense of corporate social responsibility worthy of a big company.

We currently work out of Pavilion House, West Bridgford, and have ambitions to find and expand into a nature setting close by.

What’s on Offer

Being an Associate at Counselling West Bridgford provides you with the opportunity to build your psychotherapy private practice.  This includes business basics (see below), including training on how to make the most of them.  Not only that, you also get to contribute to and benefit from a growing, innovative business.

The benefits package on offer includes:

  • Presence on website
  • Use of the counselling room at Pavilion House
  • Online booking system
  • Client ownership
  • Counselling West Bridgford email
  • Credit card payment system
  • Text reminders for clients
  • Client rate card
  • Template contract
  • Client parking
  • Public liability insurance

Unfortunately, at the moment, the space we use does not have disabled access.

What’s expected

I’m aiming to provide the services at close to cost, so that you can get the best financial return from your psychotherapy skills.  However, this does bring with it a level of expectation of engagement from you.

What does that mean?  


  • UKCP- or BACP-Accredited psychotherapist (or equivalent), including at least 120 hours personal therapy
  • Confident with administration and organising
  • Maintain a publicly visible UKCP / BACP find a therapist profile
  • Be prepared to record information videos, including your personal intro
  • Be excited to write occasional articles for publication on the Counselling West Bridgford website for promotion via social media
  • Maintain and evidence your own professional indemnity insurance
  • Manage your own Counselling West Bridgford calendar
  • Operate within any restrictions that may apply in terms of, for example, Covid-19
  • Keep the room tidy and presentable
  • Collect relevant client data as requested

As well as the list of basics, there is a philosophy that you’ll be signing up to.

Our Philosophy

Client-therapist in partnership: Our clients work in partnership with their therapists to decide the frequency and delivery method of their therapy appointments (within the boundaries of our service offer), including when it’s time to end.

Professionalism: Defined as the way we relate to clients, as an associate, and in the physical space.  We always respond in a timely manner to client enquiries (even if it’s a “no”); you’re not an employee you’re part of the team; we keep the room, clean & tidy, and ready for therapy.

Engage, Creatively: We want to grow the business, and we do that by including everyone’s ideas and efforts in relation to marketing, service / business development, promotion / advocacy, and giving / receiving feedback.

How it Works

See ‘Current Fee Rates’ below for packages available.

The general principal is that you will pay a minimum monthly fixed fee, to start once you have had your first client initial contact (which could be an initial consultation or a full paid appointment).  In addition, there will be a one-off client finding fee for each converted client CWB introduces to you and a fee for each hour when you see a paying client (‘paid client hour’) at Pavilion House.

Counselling West Bridgford doesn’t ‘own’ the clients it finds and you are not obliged to see your clients at Pavilion House.

If you already have a client portfolio and / or you gain clients through your own efforts, you can see them at Pavilion House and no client finding fees will apply.

Current Fee Rates

There are 2 packages: Pay As You Go (‘PAYG’) or Fixed


Monthly fixed fee: £0
Client finding fee £40
Fee per client hour £12.50, capped at £50 per day, £30 per half-day


Monthly fee: £170 if you work just 1 day per week, and £160 for each additional day  you work*
Client finding fee £25
Fee per client hour: £0

* e.g. if you work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, that would be £170 + 2 x £160 = £490 per month.

Still interested?

Over the past 12 months, on average I have gained 2 new clients a week, and this is anticipated to increase as a) the general public become more comfortable exiting pandemic restrictions, b) psychotherapy is increasingly appreciated as an acceptable course of action, and c)  we implement additional marketing and PR activities.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, then please do get in touch: or 07968767232.

After an initial telephone conversation, we’ll meet to work out if we all complement each other.  You will be introduced to the rest of the team, with the opportunity to find out more and what it’s like to be an associate.

The process is intended to be mutual.  Please be re-assured that ‘complement’ means just that: I’m not just after clones of me, quite the opposite.  My ambition is for a diverse group of individuals that bring out the best in one another through cheerleading and a desire to deliver our vision of success.

I’m excited about the psychotherapist opportunities at Counselling West Bridgford, and would be delighted to hear from you if you think it could be for you.


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