“We aren’t all in the same boat, we’re all in the same storm”.

How we think and feel can be both positive and challenging, and can vary day to day.

How do you feel today?

Have a look at the boxes below. Hover or tap on those that resonate and the reverse side will appear with some tips, support and questions to ponder. They include positive as well as difficult feelings.

I feel lonely
I miss seeing everyone and meeting up with loved ones
How about texting someone you are really missing and tell them how you feel? If that's too tough, Mind have a text and phone service, or have you thought about conselling?
I’m on my own and loving it
I love having time to myself without having to deal with interruption or other people
It's wonderful to have such lovely alone time.
How will you carry some of that forward into life after lock-down?
I connect with others more than usual
It's great to have time to speak to loved ones
How might you carry that forward into your future life? What might you have to do less of to fit this in?
Extra family time is difficult
I love my kids but the situation is stressing me out
Children are demanding, especially young ones.
Negotiating with partners or employers and the kids may help.
Try to agree time together and time apart, time for work, quiet time and fun time as separate units. Try to share the load.
Consider having a plan at the start of each day. 
And stick to what's agreed!
I'm loving the extra family time
It's so lovely to be able to spend so much time with my family
Those "lockdown memories" may live with you all after this is all done.
Are there aspects of this time you'd like to take forward? How might you do that when work and other obligations return?
My relationship is struggling
It's really difficult to be around my partner right now
I'm sorry it's so tough.
Spend time considering what you are thinking and feeling. If you feel able, it might help to start a conversation, if you can. Set boundaries for the conversation e.g. set a time-limit or rules on language that you use.
This can be difficult so it may help to talk to someone else about it.
I'm bored
I'm so used to having plenty to do
Learning a new skill or gaining knowledge can be a good strategy. Small steps can be helpful rather than setting huge goals, e.g. researching a tour of Spain is likely to be easier than becoming fluent in Spanish in 3 months
What about new fun skills? Knitting? Animation?
I haven’t moved for weeks
I know it's important but don't seem to be able to motivate myself or find the time
A regular appointment with e.g. Joe Wicks or a daily yoga practice can help provide focus. How about picking a regular time to get out for a walk, if only for 10 minutes?
My future priorities are changing
I've realised I want my life to be different from what it was before
Is this easy to do or are big changes needed?
Will it have a big impact on those around you?
It can be exciting and scary!
Think about where you are now, where you want to be and map the steps to get there. Begin to prepare for any difficult conversations.
I feel so anxious
I feel like I can't catch my breath, I'm so worried
I imagine it's exhausting for you.
There are ideas that can help, it's about finding what's right for you. Spending time in nature, gardening, exercising, cooking, watching your favourite comedian are examples. Try activities you know you love.

See the link for help on learning how to breathe when panic sets in:
I've lost someone I love
I've grieving and I'm finding it difficult to cope. It's even harder with social distancing and with death all around.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Please know that what you're feeling is ok. Wild swings in mood are very common so you're not going mad.
Focus on the short term.
It's probably a good idea to switch off the news.
Social distancing is an added hardship. Hopefully connecting by phone and video calling those you are close to can provide at least some comfort.
I'm re-connecting with nature
I'm appreciating the trees, plants, flowers, birds and animals around me and I feel uplifted!
I'm with you!
Nature is excellent for our mental health.
The Wildlife Trust has 2300 nature reserves across the uk,
My therapy room overlooks a site Notts Wildlife Trust helps look after.
I'm worrying about money
My earnings have dropped and I have bills to pay
Money worries are tough.
Go through your credit card and bank statements to work out what minimum you need.  How does that match to your income and could your savings cover it? Cancel any unnecessary services that you can't afford.
If that still isn't enough, there is government guidance on support available
I'm saving money!
I'm lucky to still be working but not spending because we aren't allowed out
A little bit of financial stability is a healthy place to be in.
So do you have plans for the cash? Stash a little away for a rainy day? Pay off debt? Plan that trip of a lifetime you thought you'd never manage? Or a new kitchen?
Will this ever end?
I feel trapped and struggle to see life being any different
This is a tough time for many people.
Reality check: this will end eventually and signs are that things are moving the right way although we won't have our old freedoms any time soon.
Connecting to others may help. Chats with loved ones and 'pub night' can help us feel connected.
I feel annoyed at the outside world
People seem to ignore social distancing, everyone should be doing more
On the face of it, we can see others and feel as if they aren't taking this seriously.
Try to remember: we don't know what's going on for other people. The person not social distancing could be distracted worrying about loved ones, the person going on their 'unnecessary' journey could have money worries.
I worry about vulnerable loved ones
The virus is dangerous and I'm frightened
The virus spreads easily and the number of deaths is heartbreaking.
Reality check: only a small % die, and although it's awful, the numbers are big because so many people are catching it
If your loved ones are vulnerable to the disease, there is government guidance.
I miss the social aspect of work
The novelty of working from home has worn off and I miss my colleagues
Are there on-line socials on offer at work? If there isn't anything in place, how about organising a half-hour 'coffee & cake break' via video conferencing or a telephone call to the colleagues you usually have a good gossip with?
I'm exhausted
I see everyone else having time off but I'm still working as much as ever
It can't be easy to keep going. 
Looking after yourself is important as well as getting your work done.
Can you talk to your boss and ask for a time out whether it's a few days or just an hour?
How do you like to relax? Can you find just 10 minutes in your day to get outside for some quiet time and fresh air?
I'm doing my best work
I'm thriving and developing new business ideas!
Develop clarity on your offer and what it delivers for customers, look at pricing and costs, and what you need to do to get it off the ground.
A good question to ask is what do you want from it and how much are you hoping to earn? The answer to that will drive the scale and approach to your idea.

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I hope you are at least ok during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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