We are keen, as we grow and develop our psychotherapy and counselling practice, to learn what we can to improve what we do. So we have put together this feedback form.

Having said that, we are also aware that psychotherapy and counselling is such a private, personal thing. So you may not want to say anything and that’s ok. Please don’t complete it if you don’t want to.

All questions are optional so if you don’t feel comfortable answering one or more of them, you can leave them out.

The form below is received by us anonymously, although we appreciate that some of you may wish us to know your name, so we’ve added a box for that at the end.

With one, optional, exception (see next paragraph), all your answers are treated confidentially. They will only be used in combination with other replies so that we can see what is working and how we can improve.

We do have one optional question called “Additional Feedback”. If you want, you can choose to allow us to use your answer in our marketing material. Please don’t feel obliged to say yes. We also allow a 30 day “cooling off” period in case said yes but then change your mind. If you do change your mind, please email michelle@counsellingwestbridgford.co.uk and we’ll make sure we keep your response confidential.

It is always a privilege to work with our clients, thank you for trusting us.

All the very best,